Squashlinx offers expert squash training in Vancouver, BC. Services include semi-private & private lessons.

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Smita and Raj
"We were pleasantly surprised by how professional and punctual Emma is. My husband and I are of varying skill levels, and she was able to assess us promptly. Our first practice was a real workout, but was also felt complete with drills, free play and lots of time for questions. Emma is a skilled player as well as a skilled teacher which is not an easy find. In addition, for those with busy schedules, she is able to meet you where you'd like. My husband and I are so excited to find a hobby which we can both enjoy simultaneously, despite varying skill levels. We will be booking her for a full set of lessons for sure!" 

Paul Krause
"Emma Parke is the consummate squash professional. She is terrifically skilled as a player, teacher, leader, and administrator, and she combines her unmatched technical skills with a sense of nurturing and empathy that helps put even younger players, as well as beginning (and struggling) adults, at ease. For those who want to improve their technique and tactical approaches, there is no need to look further than Emma. She has the intelligence, patience and humor to help unlock fully the skill repertoires of all players. Sign-on with Emma – you will learn a lot, and have a blast! "

Dara Sklar
“Emma is a delightful leader in the sport of squash, not just as a player but as an active member of our squash club. Clearly she is a skilled athlete, but is a generous and kind member of our squash community, always eager to contribute to the betterment of the sport, both within the club and within the squash community as a whole. I would recommend stepping on court with Emma if you ever get the opportunity!”

Jay Lundy 
“I just have to say how much I enjoyed your squash clinics. As a corporate trainer and speaker it’s nice to see you so connected and enthusiastic with helping people learn. It’s clear that you care about all those you teach and you have a creative, relaxed and fun approach that gets everyone involved. Please let me know of any future clinics and I will certainly make sure I attend. Thanks so much for a fabulous group learning experience.” 

Paro Ray Smith
"I won my match today..it was fun!! Also met lots of cool squash players who said they'd like to play with me ...yippee!!! Squash is indeed driving connections!"

Mitch Tarr 
“Emma brings a rich squash background onto the court. She has the ability to tell you in a really nice way what you need to do to improve your game. Then, if you take her advice you'll be working on the right things to improve.” 

Vyvyan Tsui
"Thank you Emma for your wonderful teachings & introducing Squash to us newbies! 
Not only have you taught us the proper basic techniques but you also gave us practical exercises and plenty of game play to keep the lessons both helpful and exciting. You have made it so easy and fun for us to start enjoying the sport... and then yearning to play more. We would highly recommend Emma Parke as a squash instructor to learners of all levels & ages, and especially Beginners who are looking to start a new sport with an awesome instructor!"