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Squash is an amazing game on many levels. I have enjoyed this last week playing squash taking barre classes and swimming. Over the years exercise has kept me balanced and happy. I am grateful for my amazing family and feel blessed every time I look at them. Today is the day I am happy to take squashlinx to another level. I beleive that everyone has a story and connecting people is what i do naturally. I came here with one suit case and managed to find some amazing friends through squash. No matter what I do in life I always come back to squash it is part of me and what I call "home". The last few years have been an amazing journey for me and I am happy to balance squash with my two beautiful boys. Have a fantastic day! Squash is not just a game for the alpha ones but for those that like to "hit and giggle" find a new interest and do something a little different.